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We are very excited to announce that this house has SOLD!

We also want to say that, of all the people who viewed the house, only the truly qualified came as a result of seeing this site – including the new buyers!

We wish to thank our web designer MTC Interactive for this great site that was the key in selling our house.

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Price Reduced to $497,000

main-house-for-WordPressWe are excited to announce that we have lowered the price of this beautiful home to just:


Take advantage of this rare opportunity to own a house this elegant, spacious and adaptable, with many custom features, and at such a reasonable price.

To learn more, visit our Photo Tour and check out the Property Price & Details.

Download Our Flyer

1513_Darlene_Street_Flyer-smCall us today for your private showing at 325-656-3942!
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New Video Slide Show of House


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Using some very cool animation software, we have produced a video slide show of photos of this house. The video will also be posted on YouTube. We hope you enjoy this! (This is an 18 megabyte file, so it may take several seconds to load.)

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House Feature: Security System

No matter where you live (and Butler Farms Estate is one of the safest places you can life), sometimes you want that little extra bit of security. And this house has it!

Throughout the main house, 2-bedroom apartment, and 1-bedroom apartment is a built-in Security System. There are 3 control panels: 2 in the main house and 1 in the 2-bedroom apartment.

The system works off of:

  • motion detectors
  • windows
  • doors
  • and in case of fire

This is an easy system to understand and use. Perfect for keeping yourself, your loved ones, and your valued possessions safe and secure!


Posted by: BA | November 25, 2009

House Feature: R-19 and R-30 Insulation

Along with 4 climate control zones, the insulation in this house meets and exceeds the Department of Energy guidelines for this part of the country.

For vaulted ceilings, the DOE recommends between R-22 to R-38. This home has R-30 insulation in the ceilings.

For the wall cavities, the DOE recommends between R-13 to R-15. This home has R-19 insulation in the wall cavities.

As you can see, this house is very well insulated, which helps provide for efficient energy usage.

Posted by: BA | November 22, 2009

House Feature: Storm Cellar & Reinforced Closets

Hey, folks, this is West Texas!

As we all know, Mother Nature on the rare occasion will throw some nasty weather our way.

And you will feel safe and secure in this home! Why? There is a Storm Cellar!

The Pool House has a full 12′ x 12′ reinforced-concrete storm cellar. The perfect sanctuary if the weather turns rough.

Can’t make it to the Storm Cellar? Not to worry! This house also has 2 Reinforced Closets:

  • 1 Reinforced Closet in the Master Bedroom
  • 1 Reinforced Closet in the 2-Bedroom Apartment

So no matter where you are in the house, nor who is with you and their mobility, there is safe refuge from Mother Nature.

P.S. The Storm Cellar is also the perfect place for your Wine Cellar! Naturally cool and dark, this room is just right for keeping your favorite wines.

Posted by: BA | November 17, 2009

House Feature: In-Wall Tube Pesticide System

No matter where you live, there are bugs. And it’s no different here in West Texas.

And this house has the bugs beat!

Inside the walls throughout this house is an in-wall tube pesticide system. Access to the system is through 2 exterior ports off of the back patio.

This is a permanent built-in system that delivers the material directly in the walls and hollow areas, eliminating the pests right where they nest, hide and breed. Read More…

Posted by: BA | November 11, 2009

House Feature: Attic Storage

Got stuff? We’ve got space!

In addition to the tons of closet space in this house, there is also lots of attic storage space.

Above the 3-car attached garage the attic floor is decked. And there is easy access to the attic with drop-down stairs in the attic door inside the 3-car garage ceiling.

Above the 1-Bedroom Apartment there is decked attic space as well, also with easy access through a drop-down stairs door in the ceiling inside one of the bedroom walk-in closets.

And finally, above the 2-car detached garage the attic door is deck, with easy access through a drop-down stairs door inside the 2-car garage ceiling.

So got stuff? There’s plenty of space to keep it safe!

Posted by: BA | November 3, 2009

House Feature: Cedar Reinforced Closets

Cedar closets are the tried-and-true way to keep your clothes safe from moths and other nasty pests.

This house has several built-in cedar closets:

  • The master bedroom has 2 cedar closets – one for him and one for her
  • The 2-bedroom apartment also has 2 cedar closets – one in each bedroom

In addition, one of the closets in the master bedroom and one of the closets in the 2-bedroom apartment are specially reinforced – just in case that rare West Texas bad weather comes through. The reinforced closets give you quick refuge in case there is either not enough time to get to the storm cellar in the pool house or not able to negotiate the stairs of the storm cellar.

Cedar closets – another great benefit of this beautiful house!

Posted by: BA | October 29, 2009

House Feature: Custom Oak Cabinetry

oak-cabinetsAdding elegance to this house is the custom oak cabinetry.

Found throughout the house, this cabinetry is beautifully custom-made and resists wear. Its medium stain brings both warmth and light into this home.

The custom oak cabinetry is found in all 3 kitchens, the master bath, both Jack and Jill baths, the full bath in the 1-bedroom apartment, and the bath in the workshop off of the 2-car garage.

In the kitchen in the main house and also the kitchen in the 2-bedroom apartment, the cabinets include shelves on rollers so they slide in and out for easy access.

In addition, there are custom oak cabinets in the alcove of the patio – perfect for an outdoor entertainment area.

In the 1-bedroom apartment, there are also lovely built-in shelves and cabinets in the living area.

Call today for your private showing! 325-656-3962

A convenient and space-saving feature of this house is its two “Hollywood” or “Jack and Jill” bathrooms.

What is a “Hollywood” or “Jack and Jill” bathroom, you may ask?

“Hollywood” or “Jack and Jill” bathrooms are designed with both privacy and space efficiency in mind.

first-bed-vanityIn the Main House of this property, one Hollywood bath connects between the two guest bedrooms. Each bedroom has an open archway onto its own private vanity with sink, below sink custom oak cabinet, custom oak medicine cabinet, and large mirror. Then each private vanity has a closable doorway that leads into the shared toilet and bathtub/shower room. Perfect for guests, siblings, and other family members!

2-bed-showerIn the 2-Bedroom Apartment is the second Hollywood bathroom. Each bedroom has a closable doorway into the Hollywood bathroom area. Just inside each door is an individual vanity with sink, below sink custom oak cabinet, and large mirror. In addition, on one side of the bathroom, is a large custom oak linen cabinet. Between the two vanities is a Jacuzzi tub, toilet, and shower with built-in bench.

The Hollywood bathrooms are just one of the many delightful features of the wonderful property!

Call today for your private showing! 325-656-3962
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Download Our New House Flyer

1513_Darlene_Street_FlyerWe just had our website designer at MTC Interactive create a flyer for this house.

Download Flyer

Please feel free to download it, email it to friends and colleagues, print it, pass it around…whatever works!

Thanks to all of you who visit our site!

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